Flirt Chat: Hookup Dating App App Reviews

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Perfect application

it's very interesting

It's a good

It's a good app that helps people find friends and a relationship.

it was great

I used this dating app, it was great


I will introduce this dating app to my sister


I felt it was very safe and secure

A great

A great app and you should upgrade your account


An application for those who want to chat, find friends or a soul mate. The application is free, without ads, and completely safe, since it is completely anonymous


An interesting application is a good idea for anonymous communication - real people, precise control of moderators ;-)


I advise everyone this application! Convenient anonymous chat, nice interface, no problem. Does not crash

Excellent communication

The best chat room for dating, no obligation. Just registering and talking! Class !!


Without a doubt, a wonderful life has come to me, I had a lover and I felt very happy

I trust them

The application is really good for those who want to have a lover like me,

thank you very much

What I need is a polite man who has come true with this application, thank you very much

Really nice app

Really nice app to meet people and fun to use as long as you respect their rule ban won't be a problem


I use this app because it gives me more comfort after a day spent working tirelessly. I talk to you very comfortably


I have not been celibate like before

chat app

I love this app because I feel a lot more comfortable after chatting with my friends


This is definitely a good application

I do not think I can have a love

I do not think I can have a lover, I know her through this application and we are very compatible

easy to use.

I've met many cool new friends in this app, many features and easy to use.

thanks dev

thank you a good application


No matter where you are, it will help you as it helped me


I met a girlfriend and suddenly she was my former classmate

i think

I think I've grown up and finding a lover this dating application is a good choice


I heard my brother introduced me to this dating app, and now I have a girlfriend, I was not single as before

it is very attractive

I have dinner with a girl tomorrow, it is very attractive

I will use it

The app is amazing and quite awesome, you can never go wrong, I love it and you will do it.


I have a hobby to fish and I have also found a boyfriend with the same interests with this app


In this app, I can mingle with other people. Also to find new friends in another world.

It's fast and interesting

It's fast and interesting

satisfied with the quality

satisfied with the quality


I have used it for 5 months

works well

I appreciate what it brings when it works well


The app is really good, it's really good, if you pay you will have more opportunities


It works as it describes it, great

a top application

I think it is very friendly. It is easy to understand and connect with people, a top application


Thanks to this application, everything is much better than I did before, I had a small family


I got used to my girlfriend when using this app


I slept with some girls on this app


My life has changed since that girl

Very happy

Please tell me that this is a bad application, it's great as well, it's a pleasure to experience this extremely useful application

Good application

I am very happy to know this application, it gives me a lot of new feeling

Very fast

A very smart application, it helps me find my partner, the application has enlightened me a new way of love, great

Quality of the application

A great experience for me, I will certainly not return because I already have a loved one


Alright, one person, now I have a girlfriend, this app does a great job of his

It has sense of suspense



Of course, I will definitely recommend this app to my friends

Many people need it

Many people need it


I am very happy and happy when the software meets the online experience, and now I have a boyfriend, too cool

Good to meet people

Good to meet people

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